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manage people effectively; influence behavior; build strong relationships.more




find direction in your life; know your basic needs; understand people; even manage your weight.more



connect with students; foster learning and safety; improve school climate.more



study behavior; counsel clients and peers; solve tough problems.more

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"I can't count how many copies of In Pursuit of Happiness I've purchased and then given away... It's excellent and saved my life." - Laura Schneider, Eden Prairie, MN
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New Titles

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A People Primer

Shelley Roy

Untangle the mystery of human behavior with perceptual control theory, and learn a new way of thinking about people. Shelley Roy challenges readers to re-examine their beliefs about behavior. $18.00 detailsbuy

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Hold That Thought!

Timothy A. Carey

With lots of examples, illustrations, and a lighthearted style, Carey shows readers how to get themselves better using the Method of Levels, an approach to psychotherapy based on a comprehensive model of the behavior of living organisms.$15.00 detailsbuy

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Who2Bee: The Inside Story

Jane Williams, Sandra Gilmer, and Mina Cook, with illustrations by Josh Taylor

Who2Bee: The Inside Story is the first book of a new series which aims to teach basic concepts of Perceptual Control Theory to elementary-age students. $15.00 detailsbuy


Best Sellers

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A Connected School: Achieving, Caring & Safe

E. Perry Good, Jeff Grumley, and Shelley Roy

Improve school culture, and you'll increase achievement. In this book, you'll learn how achievement is connected to care and safety, and strategies based on the model of internal motivation and purposeful behavior will help you improve these three elements in your own school. $15.00 detailsbuy

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ACT I Intensive Seminar in Hilton Head Island, SC

January 16-19, 2012, Hilton Head Island, SC

First step towards certification introduces PCT principles and applications. Prerequisite for ACT I Practicum and ACT II Intensive Seminar. $590.00 detailsbuy

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Helping Kids Help Themselves

E. Perry Good

Follow along in this popular book as Perry Good explores the basic psychological needs all children have and how you can help kids avoid self-destructive behaviors. Includes practical solutions to common teen problems.$13.00 detailsbuy

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